Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Place At The Table

The Episcopal Church seems to be moving toward making Lent more than just a time of self-sacrifice in solidarity with Christ. Rather, I see a move toward enhancing our lives- living them more completely, the way God intended. At our church specifically, we are working on physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This involves a variety of things, including physical exercise and eating healthier foods, making time for prayer each day, and giving to others.

I stumbled upon this book recently and I will be reading it during Lent. The author is a Christian who chooses to eat like most of the world does, rather than how Americans tend to do. I'm particularly excited because it chronicles his Lent journey (while I'm doing mine!) and explores our physical health as well as the physical/emotional condition of others. It seems to fit into my own journey over the next 40 days, and I share it here because I suspect it might just coincide with yours as well.


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