Helpful Links

Here are a few links to curriculum and other faith-related resources to help you parent and teach your children to walk in God's love:

Nellie's Garden
A blog authored by a long-time Episcopal church member and professional Christian Educator. It provides narratives, insights, and other educational supports.

Episcopal Cafe
A site and blog created by a group of Episcopalians which includes art representations, discussions, links to articles, daily meditations, and more.

My Faith, My Life
A place for Episcopal teens and their mentors which specifically aims to equip visitors with Christian-based problem solving techniques and a Christ-centered worldview.

The Institute for Christian Formation and Leadership
This site provides free, downloadable curriculum for Episcopal families. The first curriculum is the Episcopal Children's Curriculum (ECC) intended for ages 3 through 11 (preschool - grade 6). It focuses on the Baptismal Covenant and is specific to the Episcopal Church. The second curriculum is called the Episcopal Curriculum for Youth (ECY), and is modular and therefore more flexible: it can be used in any order for a variety of events. This site also includes a teachers' newsletter subscription option for monthly updates.

Thriving Family
OK, so this isn't a specifically Episcopal site. However, it's still awesome. Thriving Family is a quarterly magazine (which I highly recommend subscribing to) which offers Christian parenting advice, seasonal crafts and fun filled, Christian activities. It's a wonderful, thoughtful resource!

Bible Class Books
Again, this one isn't strictly Episcopal, but there are more free printouts and lessons on this site than one could ever, ever use! It's well organized by subject too, so it's easy to find what you need.

Diocese of Maine
This is a great resource for families who would like to keep up with what is happening at the diocesan level. You can also go here to subscribe for the twice monthly email newsletter, Dio Log. Also, you can visit omg4me, which is the blog for Episcopal churches in the Greater Portland area.

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