Friday, January 27, 2012

Abundant Life and Forgiveness Idea

This is a link to a wonderful blog authored by a Christian family hoping to raise kids who love God. Because our youth group is focusing on lessons about forgiveness and living an abundant life this week, I thought I would share their post about ways for your family to make a difference.

Extension Activities for the story of Abraham

Follow this link for a free downloadable PowerPoint presentation on the story of Abraham, and click on the CB link for corresponding coloring book pages.

A Promise for Abraham mini-book craft.

Abraham's story Bible Timeline printables.

Abraham storyboard set for kids.

Abraham coloring pages which correspond to the included story.

Resources for the Temple Lesson

Follow this link for a free downloadable PowerPoint presentation on the story of David and Solomon, and click on the CB link for corresponding coloring book pages.

David brings the Ark to Jerusalem story and review and craft ideas (like making a game board or leading a parade into Jerusalem).

Can you ask children to make their own special palace like David (a fort with blankets, for example), or even a beautiful Temple for the Ark (maybe using couch cushions)?

Can your child draw a picture of what the city of Jerusalem must have looked like when David recaptured it? Try cutting out some happy, smiling faces from magazines to glue onto the people in the picture- it must have been a very happy day, after all!

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My Place with Jesus

This is a free, online game which promotes knowledge of Jesus and is really, really fun to use! My children have loved it! It's intended for younger children- think early elementary most likely, and is best used with a parent to support and answer questions.

Check out My Place with Jesus here!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Promised Land Lunch

This week some of our youngest kids studied the Promised Land in Sunday School, and they learned about how important it was for God's people to leave the desert and establish permanent homes in an area with fertile land. Kids discussed God's promise to provide a home for the faithful, so wouldn't this be a fun lunch to serve this week as a reminder of God's promise to His people?

The blog which originally posted this lunch idea is in Spanish, but you can check it out here.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Joseph Activities

Here are a few wonderful activities to do at home with your children during our week of study on Joseph.
(Several Joseph crafts including a coat mosaic, Joseph in prison - make a card chain, Joseph interprets the Baker's dream - make some bread, Joseph stores up grain - make a pyramid of wheat or barley)
(Make a coat of many colors using tissue paper - contains a video)
(Joseph's coat of many colors paper doll)
(Make a story wheel showing Joseph's dreams)
(Make some Egyptian crafts like Joseph may have seen or worn in Egypt including a headband, a bracelet, a collar (wesekh), a falcon amulet)
(Make an Egyptian chariot out of a small milk carton or disposable cup and printable horse templates)

Jacob's Ladder Cookies

At our church last week and this week, one of our classes has been talking about Jacob. Who is this character in the Bible and what did he do? Check out this link to read about the story of Jacob and Esau.

Check out this Jacob's Ladder cookie recipe.

Jacob and Esau Crafts and Extension Activities

Here are a few wonderful Jacob- related extension activities to share and do with your children. I hope they bless your family as they have mine!
(Painting craft of the twins, Jacob and Esau)
(A model of the tent where Jacob steals Esau's blessing )
(Make Jacob's bowl of stew)
(Scroll down for 2 crafts - another bowl and a Jacob and Esau collage)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prayer Cards for Your Children

This link provides seven printable cards to leave around the house to help us parents remind ourselves to pray for our children as they grow and mature in the world. It's so easy to remember to pray for those who are ill, who are less fortunate, who need specific things... but sometimes we overlook praying for those who are in our lives all the time, day in and day out.

Print any (or all) cards which you think might prove helpful to you in remembering to ask for God's help as you raise your children, and as you interact with them each day.

Thanks, When You Rise!

Natural Star Craft

I must admit, this star craft starts out with a really wholesome, natural feel... and then kids spray adhesive on and dump glitter onto their product. So while it isn't perhaps the most salubrious of endeavors, it's still a simple, fun craft for kids to keep them thinking about the star which is leading the magi to Jesus.

You will need:

Sticks (we collected ours from the backyard, but craft sticks would also work)
Glue or spray adhesive
Twine or yarn to tie the sticks together
Glitter (lots, and lots of it!)
Raffia to display your finished product
Some newspaper or scrap paper to protect your craft surface

Assemble your supplies and break your sticks to desired length.

Assemble a simple star shape with the sticks and wrap the twine around and between sticks until the desired design is reasonably secure.

Put these in a safe place to dry. If you use spray adhesive they dry relatively quickly, but conventional glue takes much longer.

Of course it was too dark to take photos of our finished products by the time we finished, but we strung  a bit of raffia around the stars and hung them in our living room windows above our nativity to remind us of where the magi are headed!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

At Home With God curriculum

Here's the link to a great resource for busy Christian families who wish to incorporate God's word into their daily lives. This approach is simple, straightforward and designed for today's working parents to share with them God's love and guidance without a lot of in-depth activities and planning.

Check it out here.

Blessings to your families!

King James Bible National Geographic Article

National Geographic Magazine is running an article in the December 2011 edition, in newstands now, on the origin of the King James Bible. It's an excellent, informative, and insightful look at the implications our version of the Bible has had on the world. Better yet, it's an accurate look at how our Bible came to be what it is today.
Unfortunately, the article isn't yet available online. For the online picture gallery, click here, or check it out in print version if you get the chance!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Godly Play Epiphany Lesson

Since we won't be having Sunday School for two more weeks, here is the video for all of the Godly Play lessons which students may have participated in. There are six stories in this video, and children at our church have done the first five. Feel free to forward through the first five videos to get right to Epiphany, or watch them all for a good review!