About the Episcopal Church

Welcome both to those who are new to the Episcopal Church, those who are seeking to find more information, and to those who have been a part of the Church for a while but who are looking to know more. All are welcome here!

Below I have assembled some helpful links to help you understand what the Episcopal Church is all about. I hope you find them useful in your spiritual journey!

The Episcopal Church Visitor's Center
This is a fabulous "Episcopalians 101" kind of site. It outlines the basics in a simple FAQ format.  It offers some really thought-provoking articles like "Who is Jesus to You?," and "Spiritual But Not Religious."

 The Episcopal Church's "I am Episcopalian" Campaign
This is a wonderful site which contains the basic tenets of our faith, including some of the more "hot topics" of women in the priesthood, gay marriage, birth control, and others. Above all, the Episcopal Church is committed to honoring the dignity of every person and following in Jesus' example of love. This site also includes a multitude of personal testimonies from members of the Episcopal Church worldwide in short video format.

The Episcopal Church Glossary of Terms
This is a helpful link to help you understand what some of the vocabulary used in conjunction with church events really means! Hey- we all have something to learn here!

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