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This blog is designed to be a support for Episcopal families who want to go beyond the church service on Sunday to bring God into their everyday experience. It includes parenting information, crafts and activities, questions, helpful websites and links, and a host of other resources to support and encourage families on their respective spiritual journies. It is really intended to help parents to raise their children in faith, tolerance, acceptance and most of all in Christ's love- just as the Episcopal church intends.

My name is Emily and I am a wife, parent to three great kids, and the Director of Christian Education at St. Ann's Episcopal Church in Windham, Maine.  I began this blog when I discovered a lack of free and available resources on the internet for me to use at home with my children to make Christ's teachings more accessible and applicable to their young lives. Many activities and posts can be applied to all Christian denominations, but they are intended to provide Episcopal parents with helpful and relevant tools to help their children to grow spiritually. They can be used alone, in conjunction with Sunday School or homeschool programming, and are specifically tailored to extend the Godly Play and Claim the Life curriculum used each Sunday at St. Ann's. 

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  1. I am a youth at St. Ann's Episcopal Church, and as a youth member, I feel that Emily does a wonderful job welcoming all the new members and kids. Having three children of her own, she is always busy, but makes time for her other kids at St. Ann's. All the parents, youth and little ones love her. So if you are interested in a church that involves your young one just as much as yourself, Emily will definitely make that happen here at St. Ann's!