Sunday, January 22, 2012

Joseph Activities

Here are a few wonderful activities to do at home with your children during our week of study on Joseph.
(Several Joseph crafts including a coat mosaic, Joseph in prison - make a card chain, Joseph interprets the Baker's dream - make some bread, Joseph stores up grain - make a pyramid of wheat or barley)
(Make a coat of many colors using tissue paper - contains a video)
(Joseph's coat of many colors paper doll)
(Make a story wheel showing Joseph's dreams)
(Make some Egyptian crafts like Joseph may have seen or worn in Egypt including a headband, a bracelet, a collar (wesekh), a falcon amulet)
(Make an Egyptian chariot out of a small milk carton or disposable cup and printable horse templates)


  1. I really like it, thanks for sharing...
    CE Marking consultants

  2. I'm so glad you're getting some use out of the activities!